Management Rights

by admin on October 13, 2009

Management Rights are an excellent choice for many people.  The lifestyle that comes with owning Management Rights can be extremely appealing, and Management Rights work as an investment, a home, and as a business.

When you purchase Management Rights to a building, you will essentially move in and become a live-in caretaker.  You’ll be managing the common property on behalf of the Body Corporate.  It’s a bit like buying a home and a business at once.

You duties can vary depending on the contract, but may include mowing lawns, maintaining pool & garden areas, monitoring the building by-laws, and manning the front office. Depending on the type of building, units will be either Permanent (long-term letting), or Holiday (short-term letting).

Part of the work is being in constant contact with the unit owners and tenants, so good people skills are a must.

You’ll typically receive remuneration from the Body Corporate for the caretaking role.  You may also receive a commission for the letting of units, which can be a very nice boost in your income.

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